SV, as the acronym of Supreme Vehicle-powered, is designed for refrigerated transportation in the range of light, medium and heavy vehicles. This all new SV platform is equipped with an optimized refrigeration system, robust TK compressor, and many other proven components, to ensure the state-of-the-art quality and reliability. Meanwhile, superior cooling capacity protects perishable cargo, reducing the concern of load loss.

Key Features

  • High performance to protect perishable products

    • High cooling capacity, quick pull down, accurate temperature control
    • High reliability, low maintenance cost
  • New condenser platform

    • Light and compact, energy saving
    • Standard part, share same platform, decrease inventory cost
    • Improved appearance with patented design (Patent number: 201230487134.2)
  • Improved evaporator

    • Long life integrated fans
    • Optimized structure design and condensing water drain
    • Improved installation and service
    • Improved appearance with patented design (Patent number: 201230490703.9)
  • Thermo King robust compressor

    • High reliability, reduce failure rate
    • Low life cycle cost
  • Higher efficiency & reliable electric standby

    • Larger Capacity: 90% of Engine drive performance, leading position in the industry
    • Higher Efficiency: Full electric compressor, 30% higher efficiency, less leakage
    • Safe and Reliable: More protection for compressor & controller
    • Smart Control: Function of failure feedback for power phase & high/low pressure